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What can I say ! The whole academy here is great they have all the materials you need everything organized and clean ! I checked out a couple other companies and they weren't as nice as this place right here ! They're very helpful easy people to talk to cool vibe makes you feel very welcomed. You couldn't ask for more. They do more than needed! All you need to do is show up and pay attention and you'll pass with flying colors!

Avatar Navneet Kaur

Great instructor. Calm and steady in the passenger seat, very helpful in reducing anxiety, etc. Funny and friendly. After a few classes, I was comfortable behind the wheel. Passed the test with a perfect score on the first attempt.

Avatar Springs Top inspector

The best driving school in Calgary. They are cost effective and professional in their business..

Avatar Movers Mesa

Everything was good, classroom were very nice and clean. They have great in-car instructors. They are supportive and patient. Highly Recommended.

Avatar Frank K

I had a great experience at People Driving Academy. My instructor was very helpful and everything was on time and done right. I would recommend People Driving to anyone.

Avatar cody

"Best Driving School in Calgary" People Driving Academy is great place for anyone who wants to get professional truck driver training. The owners really know their business, they provide you all the information about trucking industry. Their goal is to get you trained as a commercial driver.

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