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Female Driving Instructor


Learning to drive is a popular ambition among youngsters.

Female Driving Instructor in Calgary

Learning to drive is a popular ambition among youngsters. It’s a feeling of freedom, however, every person has its reason for learning, some learn to improve their employment prospects while others learn to be independent of depending on others for pick and drop services. Whatever your reason might be, you want to get your driving license as quickly as possible.

Female instructors

Training to be driving instructor in most parts of the world has been a male dominant profession. About 20 per cent of the total driving instructors is females while rest are males. However, the trend is changing quickly and people are looking forward to new opportunities that could offer good services, be it female or male driving instructor. If you are looking for a female driving instructor in Calgary, make sure you hire the right academy that has the best instructors to offer.

Many people think choosing a driving instructor is easy but selecting the right choice is one of the important stages in learning driving. These are the following tips that you can follow to select a good institute:

  • Ensure your instructor is fully qualified. Also known as ADI, it is an important thing to consider while looking for instructors. The best way to know is to look for the green badge on their windscreen if you find one it means they are qualified but if you see a yellow badge then it means they are just a trainee. So make sure to ask them about this.
  • Ensure your instructor has a good pass rate. Before beginning your lessons, ask the instructor about his pass/fail rate. This will give a clear indication of their success with the previous students.
  • Use personal recommendations. Ask from people in your circle, family about their preferences. People who have already experienced something are better to judge the services and guide correctly and in details.
  • Instructor grade. Instructors have to pass a three-part examination to be known as qualified instructors in the market. If the instructor is of 4th grade, it means he is a competent instructor. Grade 5 indicates they are of a good standard and grade 6th which is just availed by 10% indicates they are of a high standard. What is the grade of your instructor will tell so much about his qualification.
  • Read reviews. Most people may not be aware of this but you can look for the reviews about the instructor on the driving school page online. Do a quick Google search about the school you are considering, and after the search you think it’s the best option for you, go for it.

People Driving Academy is the best choice for a female driving instructor in Calgary for the number of reasons, these are:

  • They are qualified. We do not hire an instructor that does not have a green badge.
  • They are highly skilled and their grades are good for the clients to rely on our services.
  • They are friendly and give a cooperative environment to the students so they don’t feel shy and confused.



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