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Our Driver training will help you get the Confidence and practice you need to pass your driving tests

Earn your licence for a new career today. There are many jobs waiting for qualified individuals.

Our Training will prepare you for a job in the commercial driving industry.  If you already have Class 1 Melt license but don’t have experience, we will provide you Professional Driver Training and help you to find Class 1 Melt driver job in our associated transport company People Express Transport Ltd. (Condition apply)  We provide Proper one on one training and Practical training on different locations through out city and highway. Practical Load securement training, Log book training, Pre-Trip inspection training and other trucking related document training. Our training helps you to become a perfect driver, so you feel more confident.


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Class 3 Driver Training

Driver training classes show students the basics of driving and create mindful mentalities and practices that are crucial in limiting risk of mischances and harm while driving. There are various courses for youthful drivers available everywhere throughout the state ...

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Driving Lessons

People Driving Academy Inc. provides best services for Air Brake, Class 1 Melt, Class 3 and Class 5 including Car driving lessons, brush up courses and professional truck driver training. Our staff consists of Experienced Instructors that create friendly environmen...

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Class 1 Melt truck Driver training Calgary

People Driving Academy Inc. offers class 1 Melt truck driver training Calgary which is an all-inclusive training especially designed for inexperienced drivers.

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