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As one of the leading driver education institutes in Alberta, our professional team of the best driving instructors equips new drivers with the knowledge, skills, and experience to not only pass your test, but become more confident. Through a combination of in-car and classroom training, our certified driving school teaches important driving practices including proactive driving and winter driving precautions. So, if you are set on passing your road test while getting to learn to drive in an encouraging and professional environment, look no further than our institution!

People Driving Academy - Top Of The Line Driving Courses in Alberta​

Whether you are preparing to get your class 1 truck license, class 3 license, or get your class 5 license or anything in between, we offer the course you need with our Alberta Transportation approved driver ed program. Plus, with experience teaching new drivers and experienced drivers who want to refresh their memory on the rules of the road, our driving instructors are highly qualified to accommodate your personal needs. We’ll even let you choose the driving instructor assigned to you!

Whether you are looking to obtain an insurance reduction certificate through our Insurance Reduction Course or develop the skills needed to excel in truck or bus driving, we help Aberta drivers develop driving habits that keep them safe while saving them time and money with our comprehensive driver education program.

Driver Training

Our team of certified driving instructors are experts in various fields of driving, making us the go-to Calgary driving school. Here are some of the driver education programs we offer:

Class 1 Melt Program

Requiring no prior experience, this program is designed to help you obtain your Class 1 Melt license. Covering crucial truck-driving-related topics including air brakes and commercial driving techniques, we are a professional truck driving school with a solid track record of helping students get their drivers license at their first road test. Through our accredited program, students will also learn the importance of practical load securement, a log book, pre-trip inspections, and other trucking-related documents.

Air Brake Course

When it comes to learning everything about air brakes and becoming certified to operate them, we offer the best bus and commercial air brake course in Calgary Alberta. Located in Northeast Calgary, our driving school offers Alberta drivers the material and coaching to develop safe braking habits and master air pressure brakes with decent prices and friendly people to guide you along the way.

Class 3 Training

Looking to get your Class 3 license? Our Class 3 Driver Training program is designed with student success in mind, covering everything commercial drivers need to know before hitting Alberta roads. From reducing driving anxiety to understanding how to keep a clean commercial driving record, this course offers an intensive overlook of the must-knows of Class 3 driving.

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We are the top-rated driving school in Calgary If you want to start on your road toward becoming a self-assured and skillful driver, here is a list of things to anticipate:

Personalized Learning Experiences with Friendly Driving Instructors

We acknowledge that everyone learns at their own pace which is why our staff customize sessions to your specific needs to ensure you get the most out of them. Plus, we adapt to student needs, offering further guidance to drivers who require additional professional training prior to taking their driver's test.

Master the Basics in Driving Class

We welcome new drivers as well as those who simply want to refresh their driving knowledge. Our comprehensive classes cover all the necessary skills to drive safely, from operating a car to understanding road signs. We are committed to helping Calgary drivers know where they need to improve before hitting the road with our Alberta Transportation approved courses.

Defensive Driving Course for Added Safety

Being defensive on the road is one of the most important skills for drivers in Calgary to learn. Thankfully, our Defensive Driving Course is designed with safety in mind, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to be defensive on the road and arrive safely at their destination, every time. You don't even need to reside in NE Calgary to take this course, as it is available to our students completely online!

Female Driver Instructors Are Available

Are you looking for a female driver instructor? Look no further! Book your lessons today and get the skills you need. Call Us Today 403-612-0040

Get Your License on the First Test Attempt

Our instructors do more than teach you the basics of operating a vehicle; they prepare you for every aspect of the final test. By taking part in thorough practice with one of our instructors, students can drive with confidence during their road test because they know what to expect, and how to pass with flying colours.

Brush-Up Lessons for Experienced Drivers

Whether you are looking to clear your Alberta registry or simply want to get caught up on the latest driving practices, our brush-up lessons are valuable and educational to drivers of all experience levels. From breaking bad driving habits to reviewing the rules of the road, even the most senior drivers will find value in these lessons.

Convenient Scheduling

We understand that life can get busy. So, take advantage of our flexible scheduling options to schedule lessons at times that work best for you. At People Driving, we believe that students should be able to learn without compromising other commitments.

Road Test Assistance by the Best Driving Instructors

When you're ready to take the driving test, our instructors provide guidance and support to help you pass on your first attempt. By equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to ace your test, our driving coaches are the key to your driving success.

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Why Choose Us as Your Driving Academy

Professional Instructors for Safe Driving

Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring top-notch training that sets you up for success with ongoing support throughout the process.

Comprehensive Driving Programs

We provide a wide range of courses tailored to various needs, helping you find the perfect course for you.

Proactive Approach to Learning

We believe in a proactive approach to driver training which is why we are committed to going beyond driving standards. By using realistic scenarios and teaching students relevant material, our school produces skilled and proactive drivers.

Affordable Prices, Exceptional Value

Driving lessons shouldn't break the bank which is why we offer affordable prices with exceptional value. By offering quality driving education at competitive prices, we ensure the best value for your investment.

Convenient Locations

With a location in Northeast Calgary and driving lessons that are conveniently located for you, we make it easier than ever to access driving support. Plus, you can even take our comprehensive driver ed course online from the comfort of your home for even more convenience!

Trusted Reputation

As one of the best driving schools in Calgary, we have developed a reputation among locals and are committed to upholding it. Through countless 5-star reviews and great word-of-mouth advertising, we continue to be Calgary's favourite driving education institute.

Insurance Reduction Certificate

Save money on insurance by obtaining an insurance reduction certificate after successfully completing our course.

Continuous Learning for Improved Driving

As part of our promise of ongoing support, we don't stop coaching when you pass your test! We offer brush up lessons and advanced training for those seeking ongoing education behind the wheel so that you never stop learning how to drive.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it! We have received hundreds of positive reviews and are often refered to as the best driver training school in Calgary by our past students. From the friendly coaching offered by our team to the convenience of our locations, students love learning with us for so many reasons.

With a proven reputation in Calgary, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are in good hands when you choose People Driving Acadmy for your driving education needs. Plus, with ongoing coaching, our customers often thank us for refreshing their driving skills and knowledge and staying by their side!

What Our Students Say

About Our Defensive Driving Course For New Drivers

The voices of our students echo success stories. Many students share tales of triumph upon successful completion of our programs. The stories emphasize how our comprehensive training prepared them for driving tests. It also enabled them to obtain their licenses with confidence. It’s heartening to see us produce the best students who are skilled and responsible drivers.

One common theme among our students is their desire to improve their driving abilities. The students consistently express how our courses have been instrumental in helping them achieve this goal, navigating tricky intersections or mastering parallel parking. Here’s what some of our students have to say:

96% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on

Their First Try​


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