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As a Class 1 Melt driving school , we help you turn into an expert truck driver.

Our driving school is established to prepare people of Calgary for class 1 Melt to 5 driver license test. Our classroom lessons with practical training are need of every person pursuing a career in driving. Law of Calgary allows drivers to drive a particular vehicle on road with a respective permit. class 5 license shows that you have basic or advance knowledge of Car driving and gives you permission to drive it. With class 3 license you can drive 3 axles vehicle however full limit transport are prohibited for driving. Class 1 commercial driver license makes a person eligible for driving, class 1 to class 5 vehicles except motorcycle. We provide our best Instructors and equipment to give full training with complete certification for class 1 truck driver license. Air brake course is necessary for working with Trucks and Trailers equipped with air brake thus, we give all the essential details regarding your vehicle and handling it with ease. With our training, you will pass out the driving test without any hurdles.


Class 1 Melt truck driver License

You must be at minimum 18 years of age to obtain a class 1 Melt license. Class 1 Melt to Class 5 vehicles can be operated if you have Class 1 license. This Class 1Melt commercial driver license is necessary if you are looking for Job in a reputed trucking company and organization which is seeking for drivers to carry their material from one place to another through trucks and trailers. It is highly a profitable Job in Calgary and is attracting a number of people. Earn your licence for a new career today. There are many jobs waiting for qualified individuals. Our Training will prepare you for a job in the commercial driving industry. If you already have Class 1 license and looking for class 1 truck driver job but don’t have experience, we will provide you Professional Driver Training and hire you as a Class 1 driver (condition apply)

You will get instructing and rehearse in these categories;

Air Brake

Progressive up and down shifting

Practical Trucking Hints to develop expert level driving habits

Backing, Alley dock,straight line, 90 degree and blind side

Highway and road driving with safety measures

1-2-3 parking methods for dealing with parking problems

Preparation of the road test schedule

Valid use of mirrors for safe driving

Hill parks and winter driving skills

Pre-trip inspection, circle check

Load securement


Road safety guidelines

Class 3 truck driver license

The minimum learning or licensing age is 18 years. You may not apply for a Class 3 operator’s licence as a probationary driver. The holder of a Class 3 operator’s licence may operate any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles that the holder of a Class 5 operator’s licence may operate a single motor vehicle with three or more axles, a single motor vehicle with three or more axles towing a trailer with one or more axles, if the trailer is not equipped with air brakes, class 2 or 4 type vehicles without passengers However, this permit is not eligible to drive commercially on roads of Calgary as a driver is not allowed to transport passengers for hire, all motor vehicles under Classes 1,2 and 6 for learning only. you must provide a single motor vehicle having three or more axles for the road test. An Air brake “Q” endorsement is required to operate air brake equipped vehicles. If the vehicle provided for the road test is equipped with air brakes, you must have either an air brake “Q” endorsement or a course completion certificate.

Enhance your Career with Class 3 Driver training at the best driving school in Calgary. We prepare you for necessary tests with Experience of driving on roads of Calgary. It is beneficial for both experienced drivers and Novice drivers. Aspirants of Class 3 driver training are trained to drive class 3 vehicles including tandem trucks, fuel trucks, cement trucks, flatbeds and more. This training is very popular among youth. It is a complete air brake and pre-trip inspection course that makes you certified for driving commercial vehicles. Minimum age required for this training is 18 years. This training is specially designed to upgrade the driving skills or to reinforce the past driving experience. Theory and practical training are given to the participants in which, road safety rules and regulations are taught. Our well-educated Instructors give lessons for controlling anger, anxiety, nervousness and following traffic rules during training sessions. Experience is not necessary for this program but a learner’s permit is required for the training. Class 3 Driver training has a number of benefits for the people of Calgary.

A complete course of particular time is designed by organization according to the need of participant. Driving is not allowed until students have completed classroom lessons. Our driving school has various courses including Professional Driver Improvement course and Air brake course that is necessary for eligibility of Driver Job. We try our best to reduce the over caution and aggression in new drivers. We also rent the car and truck for a road test. Our classes increase the confidence of drivers on road and they become eligible to drive in any condition and weather.

Class 5 License GDL & Non GDL

A Class 5 GDL (Basic) license is necessary for Driving cars with the minimum learning age of 16 and A Class 5 Non GDL (Advance) licensing age of 18. Driver with this permit can operate two axles, single motor vehicle without any hurdles. Class 1 Melt,2,3,4 and 6 vehicles are to be used for learning only. We have various courses including Class 5 GDL, Non-GDL (Basic and Advance), lessons.

Melt 1 Drivers Training

Do you want to drive heavy vehicles and are curious about entry-level training? So, if you want to drive cars, busses and trucks then get Melt 1 driver training. Now you thought about what is meant by melt training? So melt is the mandatory entry level driver training. Melt training is launched for the safety of people on the road. Melt 1 Drivers Training

Air Brake

The Alberta Air Brake Program provides drivers with information on how to operate vehicles equipped with air brakes. It must be completed and the air brake “Q” endorsement added to your Alberta Operator’s Licence before operating vehicles equipped with air brakes. People Driving Academy is authorized by the Ministry to conduct Air Brake training. A valid “Q” endorsement is required to operate any vehicle equipped with air brakes in the province of Alberta. This would include large motor homes and other RV’s. This alberta transportation approved air brake course is both fun and informative where you can earn your Q-endorsement in one day period. Gain the knowledge necessary to operate brake systems safely and detect faults in these systems

Students will learn:

The airbrake system and components

The importance of proper inspection of air brake equipped vehicles

Provincial and Federal requirements related to drivers, operators and manufacturers

At the end of the training program, students will complete practical test in our yard and written test at Alberta Registry. Upon successful completion of both, “Q” endorsement added to their license.